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Introducing the Accu-Tuner IV

When something even better than the Accutuner® III comes along, it's hard not to notice. Discover the new Accu-Tuner® IV: it’s better in every way than our previous models. Hard to believe but true.

It's okay to keep your old model around, displayed proudly on the mantle, but you'll want to be using the newest Accu-Tuner IV as soon as you can.

You’ll give up nothing! The same operation, the same accuracy and
simplicity. Now in an even tougher and more indestructible package,
along with greater memory, new features, USB connectivity to your PC
and much, much more.

many NEW Features for better performance and accuaracy in the field Same simple Accu-Tuner interface plus added features
  • NEW! Nearly indestructable case
  • NEW! Impervious case seals out water, glues, and lubricants
  • NEW! Larger LCD screen
  • NEW! Greater built-in memory – more generictunings, custom tunings, temperaments and sequences
  • NEW! USB easily uploads to your PC
  • NEW! Signal Strength Meter
  • NEW! Built-in manual
  • FREE! Software is easy to update
  • And much much more...

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