SIGHT-O-Tuner Upgrades



Inventronics founder Al Sanderson invented the original Sight-O-Tuners. When the last person repairing SOT passed away, there were some very un-happy SOT owners. Some of the key SOT parts are no longer available and the calibration procedure was very, very time consuming. So we started working on the idea of using current technology to replace the original SOT boards. From the outside the conversion uses the same four knobs, a different on/off switch and one new button that automates the stretch mode, the new SOT will automatically set the cents internally for the measured stretch number.

Some of the advantages: the accuracy and repeatability will be significantly increased, a rechargeable battery and the reliability should be much better than the original boards.

So don’t leave your old Sight-O-Tuner gathering dust on your shelf. Even if it is still working, consider upgrading to better accuracy and reliability.

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