Store Your Tunings



Accu-Tuner owners can store tunings created by any method, we had one customer who called for directions after she had flown her tuner half way across the county to tune her piano.* After the piano was finished being tuned, the owner worked with the tuner to measure and store the tuning into her Accu-Tuner so the local tuner could recreate the tuning at any later time. So whether you use the Accu-Tuner to create the tuning, fly your favorite tuner in or create your own "perfect" tuning, the Accu-Tuner can measure and store the results for future use 

Shift, Sto-Mem

To store a tuning in memory all you need to do is select a page of memory, (turn on the Accu-Tuner, press TUNE and then press the PAGE up button until you get to the desired page of memory).

Select the note you would like to start with and then measure the present pitch of the note, press SHIFT and STO-MEM. This will store the information about that note, carry forward the information to the next note, stop the LEDs to measure the pitch of the next note, press SHIFT and STO-MEM, then simply repeat for the rest of the piano.

UP to 400+ Tunings in memory

With the new Accu-Tuners, there is either storage for 198 piano tunings (Accu-Tuner III) or 400 plus tunings with the Accu-Tuner IV.

Using stored tunings

Once you have arrived at a piano that was previously stored to a page of memory, all you need to do is turn on the Accu-Tuner and select the page of memory and then you can start tuning with whatever note you would like to start the tuning.

PRE-Stored tunings

With any Accu-Tuner, there are pre-stored tunings, to tune with a stored tuning all you have to do is get to the desired page and start tuning.  The tuning at the end of a long day will be as precise as the first tuning of the day.  Why not deliver the best tuning of the day, no matter what time of day you are tuning!

Imagine being able to purchase a tool that already has over 165 professional tunings stored in memory! You'll be able to breeze through any piano dealer's required last-minute tuning quickly and profitably.